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Dams Patience Ranemon ! Sa va bientôt survenir
Dams : Damshein ! dit tu devrais reprendre ta form originel de super silver
Dams : Comme les chasseur de prime, te souvien tu ....

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You can kill the posted persons, you will be rewarded.
You can also pay to look for somebody…

Name of the Dragon

Your price min

Your price max

   By clicking "Search! ", you will lose at once the indicated minimal price. The more the maximal price is raised, the more your announcement will remain for a long time posted. Every day, if nobody made the work, the earning increases 2 besides your going price.
For example, by putting 30 and 60, you will pay 30 Po, and it will stay 15 days (60-30=30 ; 30/2=15) If at the end of 5 in the daytime somebody execute the request, this person will gain 40 Po ( 30+2*5 ) and you will lose 10 missing Po ( If you do not possess them, your karma will fall) the bonus of karma depends on the karma of the researcher and on the looked. If the bonus is negative, Wait you in the fact that the " bonus of wait " in Po is not paid… If the announcement is unsuccessfully, you will have lost only the minimal price.

Looked for
Name of the Dragon
Bonus karma

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