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Frenquently Asked Questions

To read before to ask a question in forum.

How recover life (vitality)?
Several solutions: to drink or to eat, if your Dragon is hungry, but it will be necessary you for it to go hunting, and thus to lose still of the vitality… It is necessary to set of the advance! Other solution: drink an elixir, or eat an apple. We can buy them or collect them on the ground… With a little luck! If you have nothing of it, a single solution: The life will go back up much more fast! I reminder that the wisdom also, allows to go back up faster…

How to obtain from the food, without buying it?
It is necessary to you to kill animals, such as wolves. The fact of attacking them increases appreciably your capacity of fire, and sometimes gets you some golden coin. In the increasing order of power, there are wolves, when we begin the game, then the tigers, and finally the lions. It is disadvised to attack these last ones before being to evolve.

How to become stronger (Capacity Fire and wisdom)?
Two strategies are useful. Let be to be fanatical about the fight, and increase only the Capacity Fire, by making some coal and fires (Icone with a flame on brown bottom), but it will consume some wood, and some coal. If you are rather of the peaceful and defensive kind, increase your wisdom. It will consume more and more your Capacity Fire, but its effects beneficial will seem very fast!

How to move?
For that, it is necessary to use the yellow arrows which are below the screen, or then with the arrows of the keyboard! To finish, you need at least 20 in Capacity Fire to fly above walls, and be a Black Dragon, or from Volcano to pass over the " black Walls ". Let us clarify that are needed at least 20 in vitality to move.

My Dragon refuses to sleep!
It is because it is not enough cheerfulness. He needs it at least half ( 50 ). Then, the fact of sleeping makes lose 20 in humor, and adds a little of vitality ( 10 ). To get back more vitality, refer to the first question.

What is the Wisdom? How to obtain it?
The wisdom obtains by meditating. However, it will cost you every time so much fire as your current wisdom. For example, to pass from 10 to 11, it will cost you 10 in Fire. it increases your defence during the fights, increases the daily recovery of vitality, and increases your precision. It is possible that you have no required capacities to meditate. Indeed, it will be necessary to you to have 4 times your wisdom in fire to make it.

My Dragon died! That to make?
Be not made. Logically, you were teleported in the cemetery. Your vitality will go back up so more quickly from tomorrow (but not as much as on a house), and you can resume the game as if nothing had taken place. Note that it will be necessary to you to walk maybe a lot to return to the place or you were…

What is the aura? How to reborn?
What is the aura? How to be reborn? The aura increases by evolving (80 it capa fire and 8 in wisdom) and by being reborn (400 points or more). It allows you to acquire more power, such as the daily recovery of life, where bonus in the alchemies. (aura 3, is for the first revival), then necklaces (in the second). To the last one, in Sylver Dragon, you can cross stony doors from the level 1.

I am surrounded by wall, that to make!?
Cumulate 12 gold (you win 20 gold / day), you will then have enough gold to buy elements necessities from the conception of the spell of alchemy "Leak", which you teleport somewhere else.

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