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Midgard : J'ai droit à un joker pour contrer le sexisme du jeu
Midgard tire un joker de pique (Total : 15/14)
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Fiche Perso : Squallz (Bahamuttt)

Info Perso 

Dragon de Bahamuttt

Bahamuttt received 50 Po by the sponsoring.
Bahamuttt has a level aura 15.
Bahamuttt has a karma of 4243.
Bahamuttt is indefinite sex.
Bahamuttt is a specialist in nothing.
Bahamuttt is single.

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Warrior   10/10
Barbarian 0/10
Priest 10/10
Monk 10/10
Alchemist 10/10
Magician 10/10
Thief 0/10
Murderer 7/10
Builder 0/10
Demolition 0/10
Druid 10/10
Shaman 10/10

Ma dernière chanson :

♪ A Shadow's Love Song : http://youtu.be/EW_Gi7qN4Ns ♫

My Last Fantasy, Love is Toxic, didn't you know?...

Fєєℓιиg αℓσиє ιи нιѕ ραιи, Bυт уσυ'яє not ѕтιℓℓ нєяє.

Arigato Sayonara.. ありがとさよなら。。

Welcome in Bahamuttt's comments. Here, you can send him a message. All can see this message, contrary in private message (look members list). He can give an answer here, come here in some hours or days to see. Warning, Advert and insults are prohibed.

Squallz (Bahamuttt)2014-04-17 20:06:04
Bonne continuation ~

Pepsicola (Daewon)2014-05-28 02:48:45
2014-05-28 : nous fêtons aujourd'hui l'anniversaire de squallz (bahamuttt)

:o n'anniv !

9999-12-31 06:08:59

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