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Dams Patience Ranemon ! Sa va bientôt survenir
Dams : Damshein ! dit tu devrais reprendre ta form originel de super silver
Dams : Comme les chasseur de prime, te souvien tu ....

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The goal of the game is to have lot of points.

To have more points, your Dragon must be happy and strong.
To be strong, you must increase your capacity of fire and your wisdom.

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¤ If you kill a dragon, you'll earn as gold as his FC, modulated by the level difference ¤
¤ You can't attack an enemy if he's to weak for you ¤
¤ Attack strongness is calculated in function of your FC modulated by wisdom ¤
¤ When you attack, you receive attack from touched dragons ¤
¤ To increase your FC, you ahve to make some coal or make fire ¤
¤ When a dragon has 0 of vitality, he's imediately transport to graveyard ¤
¤ In case of somebody attack you, even if he is a friend, you'll counteract ¤
¤ When tou attack someone, you need to be on the same case than him ¤
¤ When tou attack, you touch all the dragons on the case a part of you ¤
¤ When you do a player your ally, you can't attack him anymore ¤
¤ He can do it if he doesn't make of you an ally ¤
¤ Attack drop karma (you become a bad dragon ) ¤
¤ Even if you're not connect, counteract function ¤
¤ You can go into jail attacking ¤

Everyday from midnight
¤ You earn good karma if you didn't kill or steal a good dragon the day before ¤
¤ Some stuff appear somewhere for each person conected ¤
¤ Money increase of 20 (+50% the first week) if you connect your-self the day before ¤
¤ Vitality increase of 40 points less 20 if you're poisoned ¤
¤ Vitality increase of 20 more if you're in or on a house ¤
¤ Mood, hungry and thirst drop ¤

¤ Poison don't let you take back you're life, and all the person on you'r case too ¤
¤ Lot of spells are disabled if you don't learn them in a sorcerer tower ¤
¤ Sorcerer tower are on the different map. You must search them to learn spell ¤
¤ To enable spell, go on a tower, and use the action "Learn" one or two times for 50 Po ¤
¤ Spells aren't use just after you buy, you can do it later ¤
¤ If you skip a spell, you loose the object you used to do it ¤
¤ Attack spell goes on only on the case you're on ¤
¤ Use a spell cost 10 MP ¤
¤ You can use only one spell a the same time ¤

¤ Other members of you're guild are your allied, you can't attack them ¤
¤ A guild can be private or public, the leader can change this when he wants ¤
¤ The guild master can use the guild money only to buidm walls, black walls or houses ¤
¤ War declarations are automaticly do when you attack ¤
¤ To join a guild, you'll loose the enter price in gp ¤
¤ This money will be add to the guild money ¤
¤ You have to be evoluated to create a guild ¤
¤ Create a guild cost some diamonds ¤

Reborning and Aura
¤ When you have a high numer of point, you begin again to play ¤
¤ But you will keep you're ex-race and your aura will increase by 1 ¤
¤ Aura will let you carry new object like rings or collars ¤
¤ First reborn cost 400 points, second 450 and the last one 500 ¤
¤ You add like this power of different type of dragon ¤
¤ When you'll have them all, you'll become Sylver ¤
¤ Sylver is the ultim evolution ¤

¤ At each level, you win a point to attribute in one work in the "info perso" page. ¤
¤ Each attribute cost some Gold Pieces. The last points in each work has a hight cost. ¤
¤ Some works can change cost of other works. ¤
¤ Warrior : Increase the strong.¤
¤ Barbarian : Increase lot of the strong, but decrease your wisdom.¤
¤ Priest : Increase your white spell.¤
¤ Monk : Increase your wisdom.¤
¤ Alchemiste : Increase the number of MP.¤
¤ Magician: Increase your black spell.¤
¤ Thief : Increase your luke to steal.¤
¤ Murderer : Increase your luke to do a critical hit.¤
¤ Builder : Decrease your vitality cost to build.¤
¤ Demolition : Decrease your vitality cost to destroy.¤

¤ The fact buying or selling object doesn't change anything on the game, a part of your money which will go up or down ¤
¤ When you are in aggressive mode, your dragon attack always other dragon, when you are disconnected. ¤
¤ When you are in defensive mode, other weak dragon can't enter in the house where you are. ¤
¤ At 20 of FC and 2 in wisdom, you become an adult and you can pass by normal walls ¤
¤ At 80 of FC and 8 of wisdom, you evolue : you can pass by stone walls ¤
¤ Alliances and the fact to send messages to other players is done in " members " ¤
¤ Meditate do the FC go down for the number of point of your actual wisom ¤
¤ You can't pass black wall if you're not a black dragon ¤
¤ If you're dragon miss an action, his mood will drop of 5 ¤
¤ Wisdom make you're dragon more precise, he miss less action ¤
¤ Wisdom increase the vitality regeneration ¤
¤ When you move, your vitality drop of 0.6 ¤
¤ Kill tigres to earn food ¤
¤ You've got to be on a tree to cut wood ¤

¤ Games' polices are to install on the folder c:\ windows\fonts\. ¤

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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