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Dragon gris
 Le 26/01/2007 à 21:01:19 

Greetings fellow citizens of Atsami!

As a relatively recent bilingual member of Ev-Dragon, it has come to my attention that there is no RolePlay section for foreign (i.e. other than French) languages, and I was wondering what your ideas on the subject are. Are any international players actually interested in RP? If any non-French RPs are written, should they be placed in the International Forum, or in the (so far French) RP forum “Histoire du Jeu en Temps Réel !”, or in a new forum altogether? This last option would only make sense, of course, if enough international players wish to write some stories… I certainly do!

So, what do you think?

In any case, have fun out there!

Salutations, amis citoyens d’Atsami!

En tant que membre bilingue relativement récent de Ev-Dragon, j’ai remarqué qu’il n’existait aucune section RolePlay pour les langues étrangères (i.e. autres que le français), et je me demandais ce que vous en pensiez. Déjà, y a-t-il des joueurs internationaux qui seraient intéressés par le RP ? Et si des RPs non-français étaient écrits, faudrait-il les placer dans le Forum International, ou dans le Forum RP existant (français pur pour le moment), ou carrément dans un nouveau forum ? Cette dernière option ne serait justifiée que si assez de joueurs veulent écrire… Personnellement, je rédigerais bien une RP en anglais (autre que ceux que j’ai fait en français) !

Voilà, alors qu’en pensez-vous ?

Amusez-vous bien en tous cas !

Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 27/01/2007 à 20:42:50 
Really good idea, if i can write also in italian; and i think we should write on this forum, create another forum isn't so useful, we are very few people who write in the international forum, or maybe using the other forum.
Dragon gris
 Le 30/01/2007 à 18:18:35 
Yes...I think like Baffuz...
The game will be more popular...
Dragon glace
 Le 25/02/2008 à 04:30:29 
Hmm... I like roleplay lots. I would like a new forum for roleplay here for people like me who don't speak French very well.
Dragon squelette
 Le 02/03/2008 à 15:47:08 
Hello! You are allowed to create your own topic in this forum in order to roleplay.

You just have to put the symbol [English RP] before the title of your topic. I would read it. Good writing.
Dragon glace
 Le 07/03/2008 à 16:49:19 
Dragon noir
 Le 02/01/2009 à 23:04:32 
I think its a good idea to put [English RP] before any english topic good job!
Dragon noir
 Le 11/02/2009 à 04:09:02 
As an mainly english speaker and partial french speaker, having an english RP thread sounds good XD Though I do like Magus' idea. :3
Dragon jaune
 Le 14/08/2009 à 19:48:14 
i cant speak french lol
Dragon bleu
 Le 27/01/2010 à 00:27:50 
I speak a little French but still need a translator for this site. But I love rp'ing
Dragon blanc
 Le 28/01/2010 à 19:37:04 
Chantico, see this !


this is a translated version of the site (with some mistakes probably :P)

if you need some answers, just PM me, my dragon is "Ashen"


(that link might not work :D, if so, just search for my dragon in the "members" area )

good luck !!
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