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Dragon glace
 Le 18/12/2006 à 18:58:08 
Sorry if this is obvious but I still don't know the answer so:

How do you make your happiness go up?
Dragon gris
 Le 18/12/2006 à 20:16:15 
If you eat or drink something , it will go up^^
if you make a fire (feu) , it goes up too!
For eating , you may wait tomorrow. To drink too.
For fire , you may go on a tree , click on "couper du bois".
1 wood will be cut.
After that , you may click on "faire un charbon". It costs 1 wood.
Then when you have got 1 "charbon" and 1 "bois" , you can make 1 feu.
I think that's all...
Dragon glace
 Le 09/01/2007 à 20:08:38 
Just in case it would have been transalated in the english version :

"couper du bois" = cut wood
"faire un charbon" = make coal
"feu" = fire

You can also eat an apple at any time to get a little bit further in happiness, life and hunger.
Dragon gris
 Le 13/01/2007 à 14:55:51 
Hello there, fellow English-speakers!

Just as a footnote, as you improve your "capacité feu” (fire capacity) by making coals and fires, and by attacking enemies, you can try meditating to improve your “sagesse” (wisdom), which helps recuperate your happiness and vitality faster, as well as, apparently, giving a small bonus straight out.

Good luck out there!

Aoi and Skiaphrene.

Dragon glace
 Le 06/07/2008 à 17:13:13 
and you can go on "Achats" ( buying) and buy an "Elixir" and it will recover your vita and your " humeur" (mood) but it count 30po or you can buy a "Elixir mythique" it will recover more than a Normal Elixir and it count 120 po

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