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Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 16/01/2007 à 09:10:31 
My last one isn't so sweet...  ;)
Dragon brume
 Le 31/01/2007 à 03:13:13 
In the last moment of a shivering night
one of those with a lack of light
I flet her come, felt her might
I had not slept, and awake I dream her flight

My eyes were heavy
My hearth had stopped
I knew that what I saw move slowly
Was nothing more than a ghost, undead

I forget myslef in the fog
And let my face hurt the keyboard
It made a night I were writing
thinking of her, recreating
I forgot myself in the fog
Triying to close my eyes on what I had boarded

I let myself take away in her arms
This godess blue but in flame
This madness of unfinite charms
How terrible things I could do in her name

I fellow the shadow of the dream
Taking me down and down without means
I fellow the rythm of my hearth
Asking me to travel the earth

But She's a dream, and dream are all the same
Daylight came, and she left me with my shame
The shame to had belief she'd stay at my side
The shame to had belief She'd came back evry night
Daylight came and I withdraw ma face from the whites shades
My computer smile me from its keys and without a fight

I just put myself into life again
Knowing that we'll never be togheter then
I just put myself in gray waves again
Cause blue is to dream what life is to stain

Dragon faucheuse
 Le 11/12/2007 à 03:15:07 

The shadows of my tears
Is filled with madness.
You carry me on a cloud;
With the power of the wind
You made me fall…
The earth is hard,
As your heart I a rock.
But love is unbreakable.
I love you

An angel

An angel come from the stars
One touch of color in the darkness
One brushstroke on a painting
One pastel line like hope
Maybe I see you like that, quite simply
Because of a wonderful feeling that lives night and day
This feeling is nothing more than Love.

First Love

Please, Forgive me!
I left you
Without saying anything
Without turning round
Leaving you here
Under the rain.
But it was so hard
To stay near you
Everyday it was just stormy and dark
And I was waiting for the sun
First, we were like children, carefree
But, speedily clouds darkened out blue sky
It’s not your fault.
I just want you to know that I won’t forget you
You are my first love.


Like a frozen waterfall, time seems to be running at half speed…
waiting for something to come back to life, as if by magic.
Every single day looks alike and are following
one another in an infinite monotony,
making them slowly uninteresting…
Since you left for this distant country,
my life force has been vanishing,
leaving behind an empty shell…
Hurry up: I miss you

Dragon bleu
 Le 04/01/2008 à 13:20:19 
So, wunberbare Gedichte !! Ich habe bemerkt, dass es keine auf Deutsch gab. Ich schlage eine meiner vor (Eigentlich ist es ein Song) :

Ich will frei sein !
Ich will sagen : ,,Nein !"
Wer kann mich verstehen
Ich will nur schreien :

Niemand versteht mich !
Niemand, außer dir
Ich denke nur an dich
Bitte, bitte, hilf mir !

Wenn ich da bin
Eine Stimme sagt : ,,Wahnsinn !"
Nur ein Mann, der dich verstehen
Deshalb will ich nur schreien !

Niemand versteht mich !
Niemand außer dir
Ich denke nur an dich
Bitte, bitte hilf mir !
Dragon glace
 Le 26/03/2008 à 18:05:16 
I love poetry, but I don't write it yet in english... I promess you to try once !
Dragon glace
 Le 26/03/2008 à 20:28:44 
Thats really nice, missysvenja, I like it very much. I've decided to add one I had to write for school last year. It's about my rabbit, which died a week after i got it.

Life can be short,
Life can be long;
But when death comes,
The feelings are strong.

We wanted a Juliette,
But he was a boy:
We changed it to Jules,
And were filled with joy.

He was black all over,
No white was to be found.
He was the cutest,
As not to be seen around.

When we would call him,
He would happily come.
To sniff all our fingers,
But sometimes only some.

Suddenly he started licking,
Bits of his ever so soft fur.
And we washed him, but,
He wouldn’t react to, “No, Sir!”

We tried to imitate,
What his mother would’ve done.
But a week passed quickly,
And soon he was gone.

His life was short;
It was not long.
And when he died,
My feelings were strong.
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