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Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 18/10/2006 à 09:01:23 
9/10 Because sometimes the server is too slow to load, and because playing it on a Macintosh is more difficult than on a Pc.
For the language i think my french now is better than when i start this game, so playing Ev-dragon helps me to learn french.
Dragon glace MJ
 Le 20/10/2006 à 13:29:53 
Hello !

About silver ! This word refers to the last color in the evolution of the dragon !

Have a nice week end !
Dragon gris
 Le 03/11/2006 à 17:35:47 
Hm - It's working great on my MacBook Pro 15". Safari and Firefox have no problems. At least I couldn't find them till now  ;)

I should get back to topic:
I'd give it a 9.5 out of 10. It's a really great game (and in fact the only one I play nowadays).

The only drawbacks: sometimes it feels a bit slow and the translation of some Objects is missing (but sooner or later Baha will finally eliminate the later one  ;) )

I wish you guys a nice weekend and send greetings from China to wherever you might be at the moment  ;)
Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 03/11/2006 à 18:49:06 
Tfs>> sometimes i'm working on my iBook on safari and somethings are too slow to charge, like walking. But if you say that maybe it's because it's a G3 and it's a little slower than your MacBook. I'll try with the G5 of my brother to see if there are the same problems :p

Dragon gris
 Le 14/12/2006 à 15:18:43 
I think that the graphic part is no so good...but it's a fantastic game!!^^
Dragon glace
 Le 19/12/2006 à 11:42:17 
about 8-8.5 (good for me)

I really like the game but I can only go on for a while before my humor and vitality drop too low and I go into a house to rest for the night. Still I have only just started and the more my wisdom goes up the longer I can stay outside.
Great and addictive game, but a little hard for beginners.

Also it takes quite a while to move and do things, even on broadband, but still playable so not too bad.
Dragon gris
 Le 13/01/2007 à 15:03:03 

Hum, I agree with many of the complaints above, which I basically sum up as : this game is great fun, but as a perfectionist, I think that some things could use a little more work! Though most obviously, the great Bahanix has already invested himself so much into this little paradise! My rating is a good 8.5 / 10 !

May the sun shine upon your paths!

Aoi and Skiaphrene.
Dragon noir
 Le 16/01/2007 à 21:00:24 
i say 8 because its slow 2 load and i dont understand it well. i rather go on clubpenguin.com or my website to change it!!

blackfire + SunChaser
Dragon noir
 Le 02/01/2009 à 23:10:53 
what are you talking about??? this is quite better than club penguin i rate this game 9/10 because i like dragons and i can learn a new language for free and have fun at the same time!
but the fun its lacking is in the mood and money thing, should we have like a player trade market or something? and be able to upgrade our moodbar to 150 or make the moodbar go up 2x faster?
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