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Dragon gris
 Le 04/09/2006 à 00:16:12 
Hi everyone,

I tried to translate the following french topic (Help for newbies + FAQ) : topic 176
Hope I got everything right, as my French is not very good and I'm no english Speaker either  ;)

If you have further questions or problems, feel free to ask me. I'll do my best to help out :D

Items and Buildings

Q: What do those concentric pink and white dots mean?
A: They resemble flowers and are just for decoration  ;)

Q: Why can we only carry 9 pieces of an object at a time?
A: This is intended. It forces the players to use the items.

Q: How do I build a house?
A: You have to meet the following criteria: 8 Wood | 40 Vitality | be on Niveau 5, 6 or on the surface | stay on a spare field
If all of the above apply to you, you'll find "Faire une Maison / Build house" in the menu. If you choose it, you'll lose 8 wood and 40 points of Vitality

Q: You can fill your house with armours and other items. Do they serve a purpose other than Decoration?
A: Yes. They improve the rate by which you regain vitality and humor

Q: I made an extraordinary purchase. I boucht a ring of chance! What's the purpose of this item
A: The ring improves your luck when doing risky actions like eating a berry

Q: Do the powers of Rings add up?
A: The effects cumulate. So if you have 2 Rings of Concentration, you'll gain 2x +3 = 6 in Wisdom

Q: I bought ring of robber and ring of culprit. Is it true that they annulate each other?
A: The effects cumulate. They don't cancel out each other. So you can wear both at the same time.

Q: How many weapons can you carry?
A: You can carry 1 Weapon, 1 Armour, 2 Rings, 1 Collar

Q: Do I get the bonus of a house, if I wasn't the one who built it?
A: Sure. There is no document of ownership.

Q: What's the purpose of well
A: It's now only decorative

Q: If we do stone wall or door, and if i'm not evolved, I can't go above
A: You can if somebody in your guild is on the door

..... to be continued (when I have time ... help appreticated  ;) )

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Dragon chimere
 Le 04/09/2006 à 01:53:53 
I think we can translate "niveau" by "level" ^^

(end for Items and Buildings)

[I've copy / paste my part in yours, TFS]

I go to sleep ^^
Dragon squelette
 Le 04/09/2006 à 03:13:29 
Hello.I am French but I have taken the permission to do the first questions of the second part of the topic "Help for Newbies".I hope it will help you. :)

Hunting and frags (kills)

Q:How do you hunt wolves?
A:You look for a wolf on the map,you go on it and you click on the sword's icon.

Q: Does the fact to kill a dragon act always in a negative way on your karma?
A:No,not for the wanted.Yes for the others,even if you killed a dragon with a negative karma(however it will have an impact less important on your own karma if yours is positive).

Q:What are the differents cases in which we are sent to jail?
A:When you kill a dragon weaker than you,particuliary if his karma is positive aud yours is negative.

Q:What part does the arena play?
A: On this case(the arena),you don't lose karma or gold(but you lose vitality and you can win gold).The best case for a duel.
In the basement -6,the whole place is an arena...

Q:I want to know how to find some powerful dragons...I am level 15 and I don't find opponents I can attack...
A:You can propose a challenge on the tchate(hoping for an answer)or you can search for players before you on the classement(on the "member's page").

Q:I can't attack lions.For wolves,my level is too important but for lions...
A:You are too powerful for wolves but too weak for lions(you can kill tigers).

Q:If I play a positive karma and if I attack a negative karma,will I lost karma?
A:Yes,you will but in less important quantity.

Q:If we go on a case occupied by a monster and a dragon,I will only attack the monster won't I?
A:Yes if you don't click on the sword's icon(the best behaviour is to go to another field and then to go back to the field with the monster on it).
I don't find a correct translation for "allers-retours" so thank Tfs for it.

Q: What do those numbers mean, that you can see behind the dragon names (If you click on them in the map)?
A: They resemble the Fire Cap. of that dragon. It's useful for you, to decide if you can attack that dragon.
Translated by Tfs.

Q:My dragon is level 5.When will I be able to attack lions?
A:When your cf(fire capacity)will be around 50.

Q:I lack money,my thief's job is at the seventh level but it is useless given the fact I can steal only one time by day...Is there a way to make more thefts?
A:Yes but you need to have an aura 3 and to spend 1000 gold coins with the ring of guilt.The job enables you to have more luck to succeed in your thefts.

Q: How do I know if a dragon is good or bad before I attack?
A: You can go to "Members" and enter his name in the search field. Now click on the players name and check his Karma.
Translated by Tfs.

Q:Why do we sometimes find monsters which have lost one or two points of vitality,like houses they lose vitality or they regain some after an attack?
A:A monster is an opponent like an other.Sometimes,dragons attack them unsuccessfully.The dragon dies but the monster stays alive with the rest of his vitality.

To be continued...Sorry for the mistakes I can have made.I can keep on trying to help you in this translation if you agree. ;-)

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Dragon gris
 Le 04/09/2006 à 00:06:35 
Wow. I am pleased to see, that you two are going to help me :)

Ironside: You are welcome. Feel free to pick those topics (or parts of the topic) you wish to translate :) (I need help, because my french is horrible - I only know some french words. I pick them, translate them and finally try to connect them in a senseful manner. So it's quite possible, that I get some things wrong  ;) )
By the way: I guess 'allers-retours' can be translated to "(...best behaviour is to go to another field and then come back to the field with the monster on it"
Also note: your english is not as bad as you think
Dragon squelette
 Le 05/09/2006 à 01:55:06 
Ok Tfs,thank you very much for your encouragements and for the translation of "allers-retours". ;-)

I will be happy to help you for the continuation of the translation. :)

The two questions you have done are added to this post with the rest of this second part.

[Edit Admin: I've copy / paste your end part on your previous message]

Now,let's see the third part of "Help for Newbies". :d
Dragon volcan
 Le 05/09/2006 à 05:01:23 
Gosh it's amazing!!!
You guys just translate all the FAQs in a few days, i'm really impressed! It's a good thing that international players have their own topics in that fantastic game...
Tfs, Ironside, where are you from, your english is pretty good!!!
I remenber when I began to play, it was horrible, my french was crap and I couldn't speak to the others players 'cause I never knew there was an international part!!! Anyway, now my french is better than my german, I enjoy life in france, and I still playing Ev.
Thank's in the name of all the new players from abroad...

Lee Ann :)
Dragon brume
 Le 05/09/2006 à 05:15:58 
the funny part is that same in the international forum, players get gold in french for thier post ^^
Dragon gris
 Le 06/09/2006 à 00:28:29 
Thank you guys. Your words are really encouraging!

Lee Ann: I'm from Bavaria (Germany). I don't know if my English is good, but at least it shouldn't be bad. A good friend of mine is from New York. She taught me how to speak (and write) correct "American English". Without her, I probably wouldn't have a Business English Certificate from Cambridge University (Yes - I spoke English pretty well, but at the moment my skills are a bit 'rusty'  ;) )

ATM I try to regain my english skills - but I also try to improve my horrible french (ev-d is a nice place to do this  ;) )

Enough said - let's go on:

Po's and Sponsorship

Q: "Every day you connect, you gain 20 Po" < Two days have passed by and I connected on each of them, but I have still less than 40 Po
A: You have to subtract the money other people steal from you.

Q: Why can't I sell berrys?
A: They do not posses any value - they would stick everything together ^^

Q: How does sponsorship work?
A: Go to "Perso Info | Fiche Perso" and click on "Afficher les options de parrainage". Now you'll see some direct links you could direktly pass over to your friends. Additionally you'll find Templates for Forums (useful to put that link into your Signature) and Webpages.

Q: How many Po will I get, if I connect once a week?
A: Every day you connected to ev-dragon.com will be rewarded with 20 Po. You'll gain 2 Po for those days you didn't connect. So let's get back to your question: You would earn 32 Po (20 + 6*2)

Magic / Alchemy

Q: How do I use magic (Alchemy) and what is it good for?
A: Click on Alchemy. You can buy spells there. After buying it, the spell will replace your action Icons. You won't be able to Meditate / Make a fire so buy the spell just before using it.Then you can regain points of magic with an ether or with a leaf.
(Translated by Ironside)

Points, Aptitude, Rebirth

Some basics you should consider if you want to evolve quickly:
-> Connect every day (You'll gain 20 Po and 80 Vitality for this)
-> Go to a field populated by a Tree and click on "cut wood"
-> Make some coal (will consume 1 wood and 5 Vitality, but you'll increasy your Cap. of fire)
-> You can also make a fire (will consume 1 wood and 1 coal, but you'll increase your Cap. of fire. Additionally your mood will go up)
-> Kill some wolves. You'll get some food and your Cap. of Fire will increase.
-> Meditate when your Cap. of Fire = 4 * Wisdom
-> When you finished your task for today you should go onto/into a house. When you do this, your Vitality will increase by 100 Points instead of 80.

Q: How do I optain Poins that I can put in Jobs?
A: You gain a point, when you go a level up

Q: How can I go up a level?
A: Make coal or a Fire to increase your Cap. of Fire.

Q: Is there a max. Level a Dragon can have?
A: No, there's no limit

Q: My dragon became luminous, is this normal?
A: You just passed evolution (You became an advanced dragon)

Q: Why are there so many rebirths?
A: There are 10 rebirths. You'll gain large bonusses each time - e.g. you can wear rings or get access to other items in the store

Q: How do those rebirths work?
A: Look at this explanation:
1 -> You start with Evolution 1
2 -> Advanced Dragon (80 Cap. of Fire and 8 Wisdom)
3 -> 1st Rebirth at 400 Points gives Access to rings
4 -> Evolution after 1st rebirth (80 Cap. of Fire and 8 Wisdom)
5 -> 2nd Rebirth at 450 Points gives Access to collars
6 -> Evolution after 2nd rebirth (80 Cap. of Fire and 8 Wisdom)
7 -> [...|

Evolutions and Color-Changing of your Dragon

1 - Start: you choose one out of 6 colors
2 - Evolution 1 of 3 (~Level 10)
3 - Renaissance at 400 points in one of the 5 remaining colors
4 - Evolution 2 of 3 (~Level 10)
5 - Renaissance at 450 Points in one of the 4 remaining colors
6 - Evolution 3 of 3 (~Level 10)
7 - Renaissance at 500 Points as a gray dragon

Colors and Evolution:
Black and Red will become Vulcane
Green and Yellow will become Fog/Mist/Brume
Blue and White will become Ice

I have to stop now. I'm to tired (I'll fix the mistakes and the bad grammar tomorrow ^^ )
If some of my explanations were totally off, don't hesitate to correct me  ;)

*waiting for anyone who is willing to translate the rest of rebirthing and aura (Ironside? ^^ )

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Dragon chimere
 Le 06/09/2006 à 00:38:58 
The continuation :) :

Reborn effect and Jobs (in your Perso Info)

Q: What are reborn effects?
- What become the items and money?
- What become the jobs?
- What become the level, fire, wisdom?
- What becomes the karma?

- You don't lose your money, object, or jobs
- You lose all your levels (back to level 2 or 3, more after several reborn)
- Your karma is divised by 2

Q: The job Barbarian give more fire at each "make a fire / coal" ?
A: No, like all jobs. But you have more luck to not lose your wood.

Q: What is Assassin effect?
A: Assassin do more critical hits :)

Q: How to delete a job?
A: Use "RAZ" (Goto 0) but you lose your money.

Vitality, Humor, Fire, Wisdom

Q: The vitality bonus is the same if I am IN my house or ON my house
A: Yes. but if you are in, we can't see you :)

Q: How to have lot of humor?
1) Make a fire (+15), but -5 if you lose.
2) Eat an apple (+5 Humor, and Vitality).
3) Use an elixir or mystical elixir (5 Humor, 15 Vitality for elixir and 25 Humor, 70 Vitality for the mystical).
4) Eat food (10 Humor, 20 Vitality).
5) Drink (5 Vitality, 5 Humor)

Q: I win more Fire if I kill a lion or dino than a wolf or tiger?
A: Yes :) More strong = More fire

Q: For what humor is usefull?
A: It is usefull to sleep, and to win more vitality at each night

Q: What is Fire max and Wisdom max?
A: There isn't limit, but when you reborn, you restart to a low level ^^ (with lot of bonus  ;))

Guilds and Members

Q: How to creat my own guild?
A: You must
- to be active (for english : speak in this forum :)).
- to have 8 diamonds.
- to have 80//16 in fire//wis or to have 1 or more reborn

Q: How is calculate karma for each guild?
A: It is the average of each member on this guild

Q: How many caracters can we write for guild description?
A: 256 caracters

Q: What is the color for each line in members page ?
A: At the dragon's color.

Q: Is it usefull to be in a guild?
A: It make lot of ally in one time :)

Q: Can we build a guild with only one or two member(s)?
A: No. A guild must have members (4-5). But you have some weeks to have this members :) (use your IRL friend)

Q: I want a public guild, what I must do ?
A: Wait to be stronger, and to be more popular* :) (game, forum)

*I'm not sure for with word.

Edit : I've edit your message and put the same structure for all
Edit 2 : I've translated alert/popup in the game ^^
Dragon squelette
 Le 06/09/2006 à 17:19:24 

Lee Ann: thank you. To answer to your question I am French (from Normandy more exactly). :)

Tfs, Bahanix: sorry for yesterday. I lacked time because I have done some parts of my rp.

So let's continue. :)


Q: Is there a map of the world?
A: No, because the world is submitted to recurrent variations. You can make some maps but they will quickly become obsolete because of these variations.

Sorry, I don't know the english for "abscisses" and "ordonnées". :s

Sky (+1):
50;50 magic tower: air.

Ground (+0):
00;00 jail.
50;50 sanctuary.
75;75 arena.
25;25 25;75 75;25 stairs (access to the basement -1).

Basement (-1):
25;25 25;75 75;25 stairs(access to the groud).
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -2).

Basement (-2):
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -1).
25;25 stairs (access to the basement -3).

Basement (-3):
25;25 stairs (acces to the basement -2).
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -4).

Basement (-4): Chimere World
75;75 stairs(access to the basement -3).
25;25 stairs(access to the basement -5).

Basemen (-5): Night World
00;00 church.
25;25 stairs (access to the basement -4).
50;50 sanctuary
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -6).

Basement (-6): Arena
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -5).
25;25 stairs (access to the basement -7).

Basement (-7): Lava World
00;00 jail.
25;25 stairs (access to the basement -6).
50;50 sanctuary.
75;75 stairs (access to the basement -8[/b]).

Basement (-8[b]
): Nothingness World
75;75 stairs(access to the basement -7).

Q: What is this new world in Atsami? The one, we go in by the stairs...
A: It is the first basement, an area without any construction but with some quite powerful monsters.

Q: How do we go to the basement?
A: You have just to go on the stairs and make the action "enter".


Q: What does the fonction "follow" mean?
A: "Follow" enables you to receive a mail for every commentary posted in the followed topic. You can follow only one topic in the same time.

Q: Why there is an exclamation's point before the name of some players?
A: Because there are online (connected to the game).

Q: Are the multiaccounts allowed?
A: The multiaccounts are totally forbidden (only a few exceptions are tolerated by Bahanix, the webmaster). The sitting (the fact to take care of an account of someone else) is forbidden too.

Q: When I make a topic,can I clean it myself?
A: No some administrators are here to do that. Nevertheless, it's better not to create topic without a good reason.


Q: How can we buy food?
A: You go on "purchases", you tick the field at right on the line of "food". You click on "action".

Q: What does the action "dig" mean?
A: To dig costs some vitality. It permits to come down on the next basement, to find an item or it doesn't have any effect.

Q: What is the use of "steal"?
A: It is usefull in order to steal gold to another dragon.If you missed your thief, the dragon would ripost.

Q: How can we give items to an other player?
A: You go on "purchases", you check the wanted item and then you choose "drop". The other player has just to take the item on the map.

Q: How many times running can we drink? Does this depend on my strength or my wisdom? Can I drink only when I am thirsty?
A: The nomber of times you can drink depends on your level of thirst. To drink gives you 50 points of thirst, so at the most, you can drink two times running. When you drink, you regain vitality and humor too. No link with your strength or your wisdom.

Bahanix: instead of "popular", perhaps we can just say "active"... As you want. :)

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Dragon squelette
 Le 17/09/2006 à 03:06:29 
The continuation. :)


Q:How can we make the mission proposed in "Wanted"?
A:They are operational after 48 hours.From this moment,find the wanted dragon and kill him(it doesn't work if you have put yourself the dragon in "Wanted").You will get the reward(karma positive or negative and gold).

Q:Can I know who has put me in "Wanted"?
A:No,you can't.

Marriage, babies:

Q:Can we marry two dragons of the same sex?
A:No only different sex for the moment.

Q:Where can we get married?
A:In the basement -5 on the field 00;00.

Q:Can my dragon have babies?
A:Not before a long time.

Q:To what a mariage is useful?
A:the mariage is a role play element...There is no advantage,you do it only if you want.

To get married:
Firstly:the two dragons go to the church.
Secondly:you click on the action at church/to marry with "name of the dragon".
Thirdly:it costs 50 gold coins.


Q:What does "muzzled" on some personnal card mean?
A:"Muzzled" is a sanction who prevents the person from writing message(personnal card,forum,tchat).Generaly the person is muzzled for a few minutes or for 48 hours.

Q:How can I make smileys?
A:By writing codes.

Happy => : )
Unhappy => : (
Annoyed => : @
Wink => ; - )
Crying => : ' (
Joke=> : o
Joke=> : d

So we have finished "Help for Newbies". :p

Let's continue with the translation of the FAQ. :)

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Dragon gris
 Le 20/09/2006 à 23:14:29 

Wow. Baha and Ironside - you guys did, what I intended to do. Pretty nice.

Another thing I'd like to say: Sorry for my absence here in the Forum. It took some time till my transistion (PC -> Mac) was complete. And I had some health issues last week... But now I'm back and healthy again. Expect more from me soon.

I'll go on with something already written: FAQ (Bahanix translated it already - but I thought, that maybe it could have a slight "Facelift" ... I didn't want to come up with a post without meaning, but translating french > english would be to much for me today  ;) )

Frequently Asked Questions
Please read them, before you ask questions in the forum.

How to recover life (vitality)?
There are several ways to recover vitality: drink or eat something if your dragon is hungry. But you have to go hunting to get some food first, so you will still loose vitality. You can also increase your vitality if you drink an elixir or if you eat an apple. If you are lucky, you will find those items on the ground, but they are also aviable in the shop. If you can't do anything mentioned before, there is a simple solution: Just wait - your vitality increases as time passes by. Reminder: More wisdom allows you to go back up faster.

How to obtain food without buying it?
You will get food, if you kill animals like wolves. If you attack them, you will also gain some capacity of Fire and in rare cases even golden coins. You will find several animals like Wolves (weak), Tigres (medium) and Lions (strong) in the game. This is to accommodate your increase in strenght (Attacking Lions prior to your first evolution may be disadvantageous, because they are pretty strong)

How can I become stronger? (increasing Capacity of Fire and Wisdom)
Two strategies are useful. If you are a "Fighter", you should target on increasing your Capacity of Fire by making some coal and/or fire (Icon with a flame on brown background) - the former will cost some wood. The later will cost some coal and wood. If you are a peaceful and defensive kind, you should target on increasing your Wisdom. Your Capacity of Fire won't grow that fast, but the benefits of your increased knowledge will pay off very soon.

How to move?
You can use the yellow arrows beyound the playing-area, but it's much easier to use the arrows of your keyboard! Restrictions: If your vitality drops below 20, your Dragon will refuse to move. You can fly over walls, if your Cap. of Fire reaches 20. Black walls can only be crossed by black dragons (or if you come from the volcano)

My dragon refuses to sleep!?
You need at least 50% of Humor. Sleeping will consume 20% of humor, but it will add 10 Vitality-Points. If this increase isn't enough -> please refer to the first question.

What is Wisdom? How to obtain it?
Your wisdom can be increased by meditating, but this will consume as much Cap. of Fire as your current wisdom. Example: To pass from 10 to 11, it will cost 10 in Fire. Wisdom increases your defence during fights, your daily health recovery rate and your precision. To meditate, your Cap. of Fire must be 4x greater than your wisdom.

My dragon died! What now?
Don't be mad. Your dragon was just telported to the graveyard. Your Vitality will increase very fast there (almost as fast, as if you would stand on a house) and you can continue playing as if nothing had happened. One downside: you may have to walk very long, till you get back to where you were.

What is the Aura? How do I revive?
Your aura increases each time you evolve (80 Cap of Fire and 8 Wisdom) or revive (400 Points or more). It allows you to acquire more power like higher dayly recovery rate, bonusses in Alchemy, possibility to wear rings and necklaces, ability to cross stony doors from level 1

I am surrounded by a wall, what should I do now?
Cumulate 12 Gold (you will get 20 Gold per day) -> buy and use the Alchemy spell "Leak" which will teleport you somewhere else.

Another question? See the help or send me a mail: Bahanix@ev-dragon.com

Bahanix -> If you want, you can update your FAQ with some of my phrases here. If you do -> feel free to delete this post.

Best Regards, Chris

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Dragon noir
 Le 15/11/2006 à 07:55:50 
hey im a nuby but how do you get out of that small feildy thingy do you have too beat dino or somthing
Dragon glace
 Le 04/01/2007 à 16:59:46 
Being as you translated the whole FAQ, maybe you could delete the other post someone's put with just the first part on, as it would make it less confusing for newbies?
Dragon volcan
 Le 14/05/2007 à 08:44:27 
Hiyas ppl :] Thanks for this translation, helped a lot... But I did not see here any info about what "You are vague" means, and how to get rid of it. Cant move becouse of that :| It would be nice to also see what is this all classes (warrior mage etc.) all about :F

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