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Dragon chimere
 Le 22/08/2006 à 13:39:22 
There are a bad translation somewhere ?
Just ask here :)
Dragon gris
 Le 01/09/2006 à 23:45:58 
Hi Bahanix,

There aren't many major glitches in your translation. The worst thing I could see: the forgeron won't work when you choose "english". Otherwise it's fine.

I could write a short Tutorial in english and german to give new members a good start (In the beginning I hab minor problems, because some portions of the game are not completely translated) ... but it could take a while, till it's finished  ;)

Have a nice weekend

Best Regards, Chris (TFS)
Dragon chimere
 Le 03/09/2006 à 18:01:17 
I've translate the "forgeron" ^^

Next translation is for the "alert" / "popup" in game ^^ (but it is long :( :s)
Dragon gris
 Le 03/09/2006 à 22:04:24 
Wow. That was fast - and it's flawless ^^

Too bad that I can't help translating all those Popup's. I could help translating the strings - but I guess the major Problem is editing the Code  ;)
Dragon chimere
 Le 03/09/2006 à 23:10:34 
The problem is not the translation, and not the difficult, but it is just repetitive, there are a LOT of popup :s

Tts, if you have MSN, do you want speak a little ?
[my pseudo here]@hotmail.com for me  ;)

Not to talk about Ev-Dragon, just because I search English correspondents (I'm not sure for this word)  ;) :)

In the next version of game, I will write a code which will be translated easily by members ^^ (but it is for one or two years ^^")
Dragon gris
 Le 05/09/2006 à 00:13:24 

I've got an MSN-Acc ... but I didn't use it for quite some time. I'll set it up again and let you know when I'm done  ;)

(Please keep in mind, that I'm no native English speaker - not everything I write will be 100% correct  ;) )
Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 13/11/2006 à 19:18:36 
The "Perso Info" isn't totally translated, those sentences don't appair (Vesa is the name of my dragon)

Vesa est spécialisé en combattant.
Vesa est un mâle.
Vesa est célibataire.

And there isn't the traslation of

Spécialisation des métiers

Attention, votre clic sera irréversible, sauf à votre renaissance. Choisissez avec précaution, il est parfois préférable de ne rien choisir (cf. forum)
Combattant / Soigneur / Mage / Fourbe / Artisan / Forestier.

And some others things don't appair like the birthday or the postal code.

From Baffuz and Vesa
Dragon chimere
 Le 26/12/2006 à 00:21:39 
I will try to translate this part tomorow (erm... today, see hour...).

Edit : done.
Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 27/12/2006 à 13:00:12 
Thank you Bahanix :p
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