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Dragon chimere
 Le 27/09/2005 à 18:52:04 
You want write your dragon's background, its story ?

No problem, post here :)

It is players who make the game's story : use guilds to be an angel (Angel Corellon) or a devil (Seigneurs Sith), or other ! (Guilde Voleurs [Stealers guild] to be a stealer :P)
Dragon glace
 Le 02/06/2006 à 23:04:29 
>> Tell me when I write incorrect sentences in english ^^#

You said it, you get it ! :P

You want to write your dragon's background, its story ? (want+to+inf.verb :p and also, what do you mean by ''background'', it sounds like translated from a french expression)

Anyway for your dream about a game that attracts people from all around the world, it's getting closer and closer to reality, isn't it ? You have a Tunisian guy now, guess who ? :p

Me of Course ! :D

PS: It's a great idea to make a forum like that, congratulations :) and your game is really... FANTASTIC ! Really  ;)

See you later :)

Hart Van Leeuw & His Dragon, Witte Draak
Dragon noir
 Le 16/01/2007 à 09:03:31 
i dont really get this . . . any1 care to explain?

blackfire and SunChaser
Dragon glace
 Le 07/03/2008 à 16:53:12 
Hmm... an explanation... I can do that!

Just write a bit about what happened to your dragon when it was little, a story about your dragon's youth.
Dragon volcan
 Le 03/05/2008 à 11:45:45 
Ah I think I get this, let me start...Pyre born of the Red Dragons. Been wandering the forests all alone one night "I'm a Fire Wizard in training we wander often at night for magic training. ^^ " While I was practicing my fire ball spell I accidentally threw it inside a hollow dead tree..."Now I'm going to get scolded by my master tsk tsk" so I quickly ran to the scene of my mistake.

That was when something Amazing happened, a fire Spryte appeared in front of me. Her name was Agni, she told me "Congratulations!" to my surprise at first so I stared at her waiting for her to explain her praising me for an obvious mistake.

She said, you have given life to a dormant Red Dragon Egg because of your magical fire. "Say what!"

She made a gesture with her hands as if telling the fire to divide. And from beneath the ashes of the burning tree I saw movement, it was an egg, a large brown shelled egg shaking.

"Go ahead young fire wizard, go to your Dragon..." Agni said encouragingly, I have read a lot about Wizards making a magical bond with a Dragon which greatly increased their magical powers and also made a life long partner in Magic. So with little hesitation and a lot of curiosity I approach the shaking egg.

When I was a few steps away from the egg, I found myself in between the hollowed out trunk of a burning dead tree. Amazingly it was bending away from my body and the egg seems to be emanating this red aura that made the fire move in that strange way.

"Touch it young wizard, and recieve the great gift of a Dragon Partner." She told me just before she faded into this glowing aura of fiery red light and totally disappeared from my sight.

So now I was bending down to take a closer look to this strange spectacle, a hatching so called "Red Dragon Egg" they are very rare now in this world but not unheard of. So never in my wits end have I thought I would ever seen one hatching better yet becoming my "Partner?"

And with this inner impulse I reached for it, it was warm to the touch, and a voice inside of me that I swear sounded like my own voice saying " Take it into your arms..." I had a nothing to do but do as it says.

I cradled the now cracking egg into my arms like a newly born baby. And then from this egg popped out the head of my friend. He was exactly as my master's books described to be, and matches the few illustrations in some scrolls I have seen. This little one who was now looking at me with his slitted amber eyes was indeed a baby Red Dragon.

He made a squeak at me and what I would come to think as a dragon's way of smiling. "I think I shall name you Pyre, because you were born in a burning tree that looks like a funeral Pyre." Very intelligent huh...hahah

But he had no objections so the name stuck, from that day one my life as a Fire Wizard in training forever changed.... :) the continuation of this story will be posted soon :)

How bout you guys tell us your story.
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