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Dragon chimere
 Le 27/09/2005 18:47:49 
A question about Ev-Dragon's game ?

I can answer here  ;)

I will finish game's help on the 1st and 2nd october 2005.

[edit: Help is finish]
Dragon dino
 Le 02/01/2006 21:06:21 
It's not a question, but an idea to upgrade the forum
Why don't you make a topic called Dictionnary, to help people who don't know how to spell a word.
Neither ?

[edit=youshe] Some mistakes corrected [/edit]
Dragon suprem MODO
 Le 16/01/2006 15:04:26 
I think this topic has already been created. Look at the Ev-dragon's forum.

I will develop it when i'll have some time.

Suprem, The Sylver Frog Master.
Dragon gris
 Le 22/09/2006 21:08:11 
Hi guys,

may I ask, which effect the "Anneau de la Nuit | ring of night" has? Or is the vague description part of the game?

Best wishes, Chris
Dragon fantome
 Le 22/09/2006 22:43:56 
The vague description is a part of the game, but i think it's du we are invisible in the night.
Dragon gris
 Le 23/09/2006 22:50:14 
Thank's a lot :) - I always wondered what it did. Now i have at least a hint.

Okay - so if it's part of the game: let's pretend I didn't ever ask  ;)
Dragon glace
 Le 06/01/2007 15:37:45 
What is the sanctuary?
Dragon bleu
 [?] Baffuz 
 Le 06/01/2007 20:19:51 
Is where you go when your dragon die (vitality = 0)
Dragon gris
 Le 08/02/2007 11:01:33 
I would like to add something :
-When your dragon has 0 or lesser vitality , you go to the sanctuary (= graveyard)
-The sanctuary is like a house ==> when , the day after you're dead , you connect to this game , you gain the same vitality that if you was in a house...
-You cannot attack someone else in a sanctuary

If you have other questions , ask here again!
Reigan , Anzer's master
Dragon gris
 Le 08/02/2007 12:47:48 

j'aimerais ajouter quelque chose :
-Lorsque ton dragon a 0 ou moins (surnégatif^^) de vitalité , tu vas au sanctuaire (=cimetière)
-Le sanctuaire est comme une maison ==> quand , le jour après ta mort , tu te connectes à ce jeu , tu gagnes la même quantité de vitalité que si tu étais sur une maison
-Tu ne peux ttaquer qqun d'autre au cimetière

si tu as une autre question , demande ici à nouveau
Reigan , maître d'Anzer
Dragon bleu
 Le 26/02/2007 01:41:10 
How do you increase niveau? Or is that the same as fire? I'm hopeless with french, I hope that the complete translation will come soon...
Dragon squelette
 Le 26/02/2007 03:27:24 
You increase your level by making fire and coal or by meditating. :)
Dragon bleu
 Le 27/02/2007 05:06:08 
Um, how do you get points? Just asking.
Dragon squelette
 Le 27/02/2007 16:51:52 
By the same way: coal, fire or meditation.

One point = one point of fire capacity. With fire and coal, you gain fire capacity and so you get point. With meditation, you gain 0,5 point.

These points are representated in a bar, next to the avatar (image) of your dragon on your page "play". When the bar is full, you gain a level (the bar starts from scratch for the next level).
Dragon glace
 Le 12/03/2008 15:44:14 
How do some people get pictures of different things as their image?

Like you for instance.
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