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Dragon chimere
 Le 02/12/2007 08:03:05 
lol a real english because there is unreal english ??? Oo
Dragon blanc
 Le 12/03/2008 13:59:40 
Oh god, the english forum is not very animated... ^^

Is there some unreal english people ? Good question.

In a way, who are you ? (i think, then i am), what things make you french, or english ? On what is based nationality ?

The language ? Knoweldge culture ? ... it's very uneasy to my mind...

i give you an example, imagine that you was born in australie but, few days after your birth, your familly give up australie to california... and you grow up there.

So, who are you ? Are you australian even if you never see it ? Or are you Californian because it's your childhood place ?

Appologizes for my mistakes, like you can see, i'm not a real good english writter. ^^
Dragon glace
 Le 14/07/2008 06:22:34 
Well i guess im going to finally post after playing this game as a offtime thing inbetween other online games so...

Hello everone and i hope your having a fun time playing this game.

http://www.google.com/language_tools is my friend
Dragon noir
 Le 05/08/2008 22:19:38 
Now i just found out that there are some english people on here too, and WOW! my birthday is on july 5th.
Dragon glace
 Le 06/08/2008 19:56:04 
Well now i cant believe im not the only english speaker here... this place when 4 months without a english post so hello Maguswaffy and welcome to the game
Dragon glace
 Le 09/08/2008 19:57:21 
welcome every body ^^
Dragon squelette
 Le 10/08/2008 18:05:31 
Hello good afternoon How are you today Genichi ?
Dragon glace
 Le 10/08/2008 18:44:11 
I'm really fine and I enjoy this game,and you ?
Dragon squelette
 Le 11/08/2008 17:55:36 
I enjoy this game too
Dragon brume
 Le 05/04/2009 00:11:23 
I'm enjoying this game a lot. Still having trouble understanding some things though. From America. Maternal language: american english. Don't know any french. How does the weapon store work?
Dragon squelette
 Le 05/04/2009 04:56:26 
Hello Dragonsblood. I think you talk about the Blacksmith, don't you?

So, the Blacksmith offers you a choice of weapons (like swords) and shields. The choice available depends on the characteristics of your dragon (wisdom and fire capacity).

If you buy a weapon or a shield, you will have the possibility to associate a gem with it. Each color of gems corresponds to an alchemic effect (poison for exemple) and the quality (normal, improved or pure) determines the probability for this effect to touch your opponent during a fight.
Dragon glace
 Le 10/04/2009 15:55:22 
Good idea, Bahanix, for this topic ^^

My English isn't very good but I'll try to not made a lot of error ^^
and I hope you will be comprehensiv lol ( Lot Of Laught  ;) )
good luck and way everybody ^^
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