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Dragon chimere
 Le 25/09/2005 à 12:00:00 
Hi all,

Welcome in Ev-Dragon's Forum.

Tell me when I write incorrect sentences in english ^^#

If you have a problem with game's rules ask, I will answer it.
Dragon chimere
 Le 27/09/2005 à 18:45:42 
For French :

Here, it's not an area to learn english.
Thanks not to post useless messages here.

Traduction pour les français :
Ce n'est pas un forum pour apprendre ou s'entrainer ou s'amuser à écrire en anglais.
Merci de ne pas poster de messages inutiles.

Dragon volcan
 Le 03/05/2006 à 20:30:56 
This yopic is a great idea Bahanix, I've never saw it before!!

But am I the only english Guy on that part of the forum?!! Anyway, I wanted to apologise for all the grammar mistakes that I've made on the others topics (they were in french!!).

If smbdy read this (i could hope^^) I wanted to say thanks to this community for the politness of most of the people and for their patience because at the beginning my french was like.... you know, as good as english teacher can teach french in a class full of british (soooo british) people who just wan't the time to go faster lol

Last but not least, Bahanix, thanks a lot, this is a great game, and I still wonder how you could cope with such a big website!! But you still there, present, helpfull, this is great... and Bahanix; your english is perfect, don't change anything.

See you arround,
Lee Ann :)
Dragon chimere
 Le 04/05/2006 à 09:24:17 
"But am I the only english Guy on that part of the forum?!!"
I think :s My dream is an international game with lot of people from lot of different country :D *dream, dream...*

"Anyway, I wanted to apologise for all the grammar mistakes"
You have a good french, don't worry :P

"thanks a lot, this is a great game"
=^o^= :D

If you see any difference between french and english version of game, or if there are some mistakes in the website translation, say me, it is not normal ^^"

Other questions :
How do you have find my website ? I suppose there are lot of game like mine in english, no ?
Dragon volcan
 Le 04/05/2006 à 14:55:49 
Well your dream may become reality once some international players join the community and talk to their friends...
The english version is really well translated, but i prefer to use the french one, as it helps me to increase my personnal knowledges  ;) which were very poor at the begining, but now i'm fine!!

There's just a detail in the action tool bar, you wrote, To drink, To eat...you can just say, drink or eat without anything...but it's not like a BIG mistake!!

I find your website when I was in Birmingham last year, one trainee (french one of course!!) told me about that website, and I join it!!! I was not very fan of that kind of games before, but I think there's not that much other website like yours (I haven't really checked but I guess ^^).

See you soon,
Lee Ann and Yoshi
Dragon chimere
 Le 04/05/2006 à 22:39:47 
Thanks for the little mistakes ^^

I think I will buy some english advert on Internet to have more player from other country ^^ (but not free at all >.<)

If you know (and have) MSN Messenger, i will be happy to speak a little with you :D (To help me for write english advert, for example :P - "What English write on google to find online game ?" is one of questions than I can have ^^)

"A bientôt",
Bahanix ^^
Dragon volcan
 Le 06/05/2006 à 11:41:14 
No prob at all I could help with the advert, I'll send you my msn address in private, the only "anoying" thing is that I'm gonna have my exams next week so I'll probably be online only two min per day, to feed Yoshi and check my e-mails, but I'll be finished with the exams on the 19 of may so we can meet on Msn at these times if you don't mind...

Tell me if it's ok for you, and I'll send you the Msn adress...

Lee Ann :)
Dragon chimere
 Le 06/05/2006 à 21:44:53 
There is no problem, I can wait  ;)

You can send your adress at mine on the main page of Ev-Dragon (It is not my MSN)
Dragon volcan
 Le 07/05/2006 à 12:11:54 
all right, I'll contact you in a few days, if my exams runs good!!!! I hope so...
Lee Ann
Dragon brume
 Le 10/05/2006 à 20:50:00 
I see you take a good time, here!

I am disappointed there is no nederland's topic!

I hope to create this topic when i'll have more time...

Dragon volcan
 Le 11/05/2006 à 13:54:05 
I know Youshe!!
I had my writting today, and tomorrow I'll do the same again!! It's so stressfull for me :( but i'll manage (I hope so :p )
What kind of studies are you doing by the way?
I'm a european hospitality management course, and after I'm gonna work for myself, in hotels...

See you later, Lee Ann :)

>>Fenrix : it's nice to meet people from the entire Europe, you can create a nerland topic if you have time, I'll join it!!!
Dragon volcan
 Le 12/05/2006 à 14:37:02 
Uk!! the city is Birmingham, it's just between London and Cambridge in the center of England... It's a very nice city actually, but for now I'm finising my studies in Strasbourg, and I'll go home in one week and a half I think so...
Dragon chimere
 Le 12/05/2006 à 18:43:59 
My brother live in Strabourg ^^

Next week I've first part of my exam >.< (Physic/Chim and Sport)
Near June have all other : Maths, Philosophy, Biology, English, Spanish, history... :S

And last part for my birthdayyyyy ;____; (July 5th)
Dragon brume
 Le 12/05/2006 à 22:29:55 
Lee Ann>>thank you for your encouragements,what is your maternal language?
baha >>good luck for your exams ;-)
Dragon volcan
 Le 13/05/2006 à 14:10:26 
Bahanix>> Good luck for all the exams you're gonna have!!! and happy birthday as well, 'cause I won't remember it on the 5th so I prefer to wish it now!!!

Fenrix>> Infact it's a bit complicated, 'cause my father is from england and I stayed with him until I was 15 years old, and then I went to my mother who's french, but she speaks very good english so I've learned a bit with her but most of the times we're speaking in english, my french level is more due to school, my friends and Ev at last ^^
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