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Dragon blanc
 Le 11/11/2012 à 09:10:30 
I just signed up yesterday an recently beat my first wolf. However, that left Pyralspite with about 5.26 HP and I was wondering if there were any enemies that weren't so strong. Thanks!
Dragon dino
 [?] Pito 
 Le 11/11/2012 à 12:32:03 

Welcome on ev-dragon and Atsami!

I think "slim" are weaker than wolves. Moreover, you can hit them no matter your level. But you will get only a radish.

When your dragon has less than 20 HP, he cannot move because he is too tired.

If you want to win back HP, you can eat food or drink. You can use an elixir, a legendary elixir too or eat an apple. Furthermore, when you meditate, you can regain a little HP. You can meditate if your fire is four times larger than tour wisdom.

Obviously, the last way to win back HP is to... wait for the next day. (Each hour, you regain a little HP but at midnight, you regain 100 HP) And if you stay on (or in) a house, you have a vitality bonus.  ;)

Finally, you can have more advice here: topic 5958

See you!


(Sorry if sometimes my english is not understandable ^^")
Dragon blanc
 Le 11/11/2012 à 18:01:38 
Thank you for the advice, and your English is perfectly understandable to me. Now just to seek out some slime enemies.
Dragon noir
 Le 11/11/2012 à 20:32:54 
and as you're new, feel free to ask anything, i'm sure a bunch of people will try to answer your questions !
Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 12/11/2012 à 12:16:46 
Hello Palamecia.

I recomend the use of the french version, unless you'll have many fonctionalities disabled.
Only the few beginning possibilities have been converted in the international (ie english) version for now.

For example, you can't move to an other plane in the english version.
I know this suxx but the source-code is very ugly and not well-developed to be multi-lingual.

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