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Dragon blanc
 Le 27/07/2010 à 09:00:05 

I guess I got bothered by the inactivity of this forum. So I'm going to try posting even if that might not be ever answered.. (At least I would have tried :D)
I know that's actually suicide but well. :)

Anyway, the question are: Where are the International people?
Is there still some or is it now a french only site?

Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 28/07/2010 à 11:07:21 
There still some people whose playing with the english website, but this version isn't at the same level as the french.

The internationnal version is still before the undergrounds' opening. So, people whose are playing with it, miss nine tenth of the game, at least...

In the v2, the international and the french version should be the same.
Dragon blanc
 Le 28/07/2010 à 21:58:03 
Oh my... So there are actually two Atsami?
But I thought that, the english version was just a translation of the first one.
Dragon glace
 Le 29/07/2010 à 13:35:21 
So , in the v2 , we can break english players ? So cool :)
Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 30/07/2010 à 15:44:03 
there's only one database, so french and other player are on the same world. You can already fight english dragons.

But it's the working-code which is not at the same level in both versions.

In a normal case, we use libelle for each language supported, but in our case, the website wasn't make to use differents. So, every terms were "in the rock" in the code. Each successive developments were made only in french, and english version doesn't have them in its user interface.

English players whose want to use all possibilities of the game must play with the french version of the website.
Dragon blanc
 Le 01/08/2010 à 18:44:20 
Well... That's a good french training for them.
Ok then.. I'll start a hunt of english people on here and bring them on the forum. May the goddess be with me. xD
Dragon slim
 Le 14/11/2010 à 16:34:40 
So , what can we do for know who is a english player ?

Dragon blanc
 Le 14/11/2010 à 16:46:17 
x) I don't think there is a special way to know them.
I guess they have to show themselves before. :I
Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 16/11/2010 à 09:37:21 
Some english players speak a little on the tchat. But if they don't tell us they are english-speaking people, we can't afford to identify them.
Dragon slim
 Le 16/11/2010 à 18:01:41 
Ok thanks for your answer :D
Dragon volcan
 Le 02/02/2011 à 18:51:25 
bonjour je suis français salut hello
Dragon blanc
 Le 05/02/2011 à 04:16:40 
You seem to be lost Seigneure :p
What is the point of going through the trouble of getting here and talking french?
Just saying.
Dragon noir ADMIN
 Le 08/03/2011 à 15:40:02 
country field, or spoken langage field may be welcome to identify the people ^^
but we do not see english poeple everytime on the channel ...

Nevertheless it is interesting to see some french poeple speak here, maybe to perform their english ? ... even if someone do not understand the rules ^^

I think, I will read this topic more often, of course if there is something to read :p
Dragon blanc
 Le 09/03/2011 à 18:56:43 
Whether they don't understand the rules, whether they did it on purpose. x)
Dragon slim
 Le 26/07/2011 à 16:42:31 
The english people never come here , and you want to see french people ? xD

Why not , but if we want to have french people here , we have to create games topics because the french players don't come here for read the problems in another language xD
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