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Dragon noir
 Le 07/06/2010 à 17:59:34 
I mean
dragon breed and colour
and how mevy dragons can I get
Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 08/06/2010 à 08:29:09 
You can have and play only one dragon. Playing more is strictly forbidden.

There's 10 colors (6 bases, 3 evolves, 1 final), and you can choose it at your 8th aura.

You'll get one more aura at each evolve and reborn.

You're dragon changes his color when he evolve (80 firepower and 8 wisdom) :
black and red becomes volcan
blue and white becomes ice
green and yellow becomes mist

At 400points, you make a reborn, and you change color too : you get one's of base-color you haven't get before.
A reborn also reset your point.

For exemple, if you were black at you're beginning, you've been volcan at 80//8 and reborn in blue, white, green or yellow.

After you're first reborn, each following reborn is 50pts further.

At your third reborn (aura 7), you becomes a silver (or gray) dragon.
At this moment, you'll never get any additive evolve, only reborn existed beyond.

Each reborn beyond the 3rd, (so aura8+) get an extra bonus of 4 firepower and 1 wisdom.

Have a nice day.

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