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Dragon noir
 Le 23/08/2008 à 02:03:03 
My vitality is low and I cant move! whats going on and how can I get more vitality?
Dragon glace
 Le 24/08/2008 à 14:56:05 
Simple, You just go off line^^ end you will gradually recover :D
Dragon noir
 Le 28/08/2008 à 01:31:15 
Ok, but that is wayyyyy too slow. I e-mailed the Admin to not make you lose vitality for moving. It is kind of stupid
Dragon baikamath ADMIN
 Le 28/08/2008 à 08:28:28 
Crusaderwut, it's to be a little realistic. You move, you are tired (flying is so energy-expensive).

To increase you're vitality regen, you have to increase your wisdom. Indeed, you'll earn as much as you have in this characteristic.

The aim is that no-one could move forever.

PS.: for a faster recover, you can buy some "allopass" (overpaid phone-call) to get some gold coin to get healing stuff like elixir.
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